Sunday, June 10, 2007

All Roads Lead to Home


Don't ask me what I really mean by that. It was the first complete phrase that jumped into my head looking at this image.

Tomorrow: cicadas! finally!


Strangetastes said...

I like this picture lots more that the post of two days ago. It has a sense of motion to, uh, your place, I guess. And it has an electrical beauty, a low budget Las Vegas sign moved to northwest Chicago. However, the first phrase that popped into my mind was, "If you lived here, you'd be home by now."

Sally said...

Just love those classic old signs.

Say Happy Birthday to The Queen in Sydney!

Abraham Lincoln said...

It is a good saying. The question always is, "where is home?" There are some places I wouldn't want to go back to even though it was home.

Nice shot. I liked your title.

Baby raccoons. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
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