Monday, July 9, 2007

Spiderman and Friends


So I was in the neighborhood of Jackson Harbor to take yesterday's picture because I was headed to the Chosen Few Picnic. For those that may not know, or have ever even heard of it, House music was born in Chicago. I was first exposed to it as a wide-eyed teenager running, perhaps ill-advisedly, about the rave scene of the mid-90s. But I was schooled in House music, and developed a love for it, under the tutelage of my good, good friend Nic. He has been consuming and spreading it as a DJ for maybe almost 20 years now (can that be right?). I'm not going to attempt to describe it in brief, or how I'm drawn to it, but it is something special on its own and about Chicago in particular.

Saturday I was chagrined to discover this wonderful event that has been taking place annually for 17 years (in my backyard for four years, then not too much further away for five more) without me knowing about it! Oh the music was exactly what I expected and more. But the overall vibe of the place was killer. Hundreds of folks literally camped out for the day with their tents and chairs and coolers and grills and babies and smiles and shaking hips. That the crowd was predominantly black is an unfortunate reminder of the severe racial segregation that still marks Chicago's landscape and even music scene. I can't help but remark on the fact that another outdoor House music party was happening on the north side of town where the attendees were likely predominantly white. The stylistic differences in the music played at these two events is interesting but a bit much to get into here.

Anyway, I'm still kinda riding high of the experience. Definitely more pictures to come this week. I couldn't find one to completely epitomize the event, but this is my favorite photo of the day.


soosha_q said...

Oh that must have been awesome. I was never much of a raver myself, being kind of introverted and not much liking crowded places, but I've definately always loved house. Can't wait to see more pics from the day!

Kate said...

Lots of red; could be a good post-July theme day.

Katie said...

I love how the light caresses spidey's left shoulder and the women's sparkle decoyed left shoulder. Damn, you is a talented man!

Strangetastes said...

This is really flipin' great. all red characters, all of them different, one of them fantastical. More! The masses demand more!