Thursday, February 7, 2008

Venturing Out

Picture 014

I had been cooped up in the house for over 24 hours, working hard on some issues holding up the progress of this game I'm developing (although sleeping some of that time). I finally had a breakthrough yesterday afternoon that reassured me I was on the right path at least. So, I wasn't going to let a little blizzard keep me from getting out of the house for a much needed gym and shopping expedition. My head needed clearing with some relatively mindless activity, and my body just needed activity. And a better variety of sustenance. Although I did have a bit of a close call on the road before realizing I needed a tad more caution in my approach, this was taken stopped at a light. I (almost) never shoot and drive.


Ineke said...

Wow, great shot, but i hoped you braked in time :)

Strangetastes said...

Good advice. I almost never select something on my iPod, check email on my phone, eat breakfast or spill hot coffee on my lap while driving.

This is a very good picture. The three bright reds in the foreground and the string of smaller ones in back, all set against blue-gray and a wet windshield really get my attention.

The pic on my blog todays is Em's.

Jim said...

You are braver than me. I would still be inside, or at least in the backyard with my animals playing.

Andrée said...

I admire this shot. It certainly says a lot about conditions then. I read a lot of posts where people shoot and drive and I almost tried it. But if you think that was bad: our roads are almost always snow and ice covered, even state roads, and as I reached for camera one wheel caught the shoulder and i almost was pitched into the ditch. so much for that!