Saturday, April 10, 2010



Wow. I don't have much time to expound on this right now, but Baconfest was awesome. I went to the first shift today, where 12 restaurants each presented a bacon-centric dish. There was a second shift later in the day, with 12 different restaurants. I don't think it would have been advisable to do both. It was almost too much, but still really worth the experience.

This was the people's choice winner from the first shift, a bacon waffle with brown sugar bacon ice cream and candied dehydrated bacon. And it was from the great new restaurant around the corner from me, Longman & Eagle. Wow. The candied bacon in particular was incredible. It was crunchy, sugary, BACON-Y. Awesome. And yes, that's a bloody mary in the background. Bacon-infused, of course.


Bob Crowe said...

Well, it certainly eliminated certain religious groups, didn't it? This sounds good, and good and bizarre. We're eating French-Vietnamese tonight.

Virginia said...

OMG, bacon bacon bacon. How did this fest happen in Chicago and NOT in B'ham?? Next year I'm soooooo there!

Oakland Daily Photo said...

Bacon ice cream? Heck, if the Gilroy Garlic Festival can have garlic ice cream, why not bacon? But think I'll pass, anyway.