Saturday, April 7, 2012

Best Kept Secret on the Grand Canyon


Part of the western Grand Canyon is on Indian land, and they own the one road you can drive down to the bottom. You pay them for the privilege, and it's well worth it. We very cautiously drove our rental car down there last Friday (and then proceeded to get it stuck in sand, which is another story), and were two of six people that were camping that night. Two of the others kept to themselves down on the beach, but up in the dunes we made fast friends with the other two (related to the sand fiasco). And it was glorious. The half moon gave us plenty of light, and the stars we could see above the canyon rim were amazing. I'm not going to disclose the details of the place. You could track it down with a little internet sleuthing, but it's not well-publicized, and I think it's best kept that way. If you ask me nicely I might give you some personal tips about it.


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Bob Crowe said...

I didn't notice Orion until just now.