Monday, September 10, 2012

Strike Headquarters


Relocated from the couch to the hammock. I'm not actually in the CTU yet, so I'm not required to picket. But also not allowed to cross the line, which for now means a lot of what you see here. If by some chance things continue into next week I'll be taking extra classes to speed up my graduate degree. I gotta admit I'm ambivalent about the issues, and I wonder if the CTU is more realistic and strategic than the shrill front they put forward. Not that I don't support CPS teachers, as I will join their ranks next year. But I don't feel the same us vs them struggle against the fat cats as in the lyrics to Solidarity Forever. I guess some would replace the fat cats with corrupt or at least self-interested politicians in this case, but I'm not sure I'm gonna lay that on Rahm etc.

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Bob Crowe said...

Summertime, and the strikin' is easy... I think I should go on strike against myself for less overtime and better working conditions.